A Little About Ullat Hats

Ullat Hats was the brainstorm of my mom. She bought a knitting machine around 1970 and set it up in the ski shop she and my dad ran in Mount Snow, Vermont.

One day I asked her if she could make me a hat with my name on it. She experimented & when she finally took my hat off the machine - my name wasn't TALLU, it was ULLAT. Little did she know, names have to be put on backwards to come out correctly.

Anyway, Ullat Hats was born back in 1970. It started with a simple pom style hat, either solid or striped. She moved on to a few patterns like snowflakes.

Today I continue her tradition with 3 additional shapes, more colors and patterns.

The hats are primarily made out of 100% poor wool. In order to match a color closely, some colors will be in acrylic or a wool/acrylic blend. In these cases, I prefer only to use them as an accent color.

These hats are of very high quality, not like most store bought hats. If you are looking for a hat that is light weight, this is not the place to get that hat.

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Ullat Hats
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